Already set up on CheckPoint™ and want to add a welder or user?
Please ask your Site Administrator to assist you. These tasks can only be completed by your Site Administrator(s).

New to CheckPoint™ and wish to create a new account?
You will be up and running in four easy steps. Before you begin, make sure the Lincoln power source is on a network that has outbound access to the Internet. Note: this does not mean that the Lincoln power source is on the Internet, only that it has the ability to send data from your location to the secure CheckPoint™ data center.

The steps below will walk you through registering your first welder and setting up your new company location. Once you have successfully completed this process, you will be a Site Administrator and may add welders and users via the “Manage” function of the application. Do not use the steps below to add welders and users to an existing company location.

Step 1

Verify that your welder is one of these Lincoln Electric welder models:

Power Wave® C300 Power Wave® 455M Power Wave® AC/DC 1000 SD™
Power Wave® S350 Power Wave® 455M/STT Power Wave® AC/DC 1000™
Power Wave® 355M Power Wave® 455R Power Wave® F355i
Power Wave® i400 Power Wave® 655R Power Wave® 405M


Step 2

Make sure you have updated your welder with the latest Lincoln Electric firmware. Go to this link to download the latest version:

Step 3

Enable CheckPoint™ data transmission within the Power Wave Manager software utility.

Step 4

Click here and follow the instructions.