Lincoln CheckPoint™ is the world's first and only mobile app that allows you to view live welder status and welder production reports on your mobile device. CheckPoint™, only available from Lincoln Electric, is designed to improve manufacturing quality and productivity with unparalleled visibility of the welding process...anytime and anywhere, allowing you to be more knowledgeable, proactive, and profitable in your business.

Exciting CheckPoint™ mobile app features include:

Once installed on our phone, the app leverages a secure login process using your existing CheckPoint™ Username/Password.

View a listing of companies. Select a company to see valuable machine data and production information.

The app provides an overview of all welders and a live status indicator. Select a welder to drill down into additional views.

View dashboard widgets for each welder, a history of alerts that have been sent, and a listing of all events and alarms generated by the welder. Also, use the app to download documents and manuals from the document library.

View historical trending data for potential issues while you are walking the shop floor.

Use the phone’s camera to scan barcodes for Operator ID, Part Serial Number, and Consumable Lot Code. The mobile app will correlate the scanned information with the welder data that is being sent to CheckPoint™.