CheckPoint™ is the world’s first-and-only welder production monitoring solution that allows you to view live welder status and valuable production, quality, and traceability information in the cloud. CheckPoint™ - only available from Lincoln Electric - is designed to improve manufacturing quality and productivity with unparalleled visibility of the welding process ... anytime, anywhere, allowing you to be more knowledgeable, proactive, and profitable in your business.

CheckPoint™ Standard Edition is available free of charge, and is a great way to get started. Standard Edition includes a rolling thirty days of storage after which point the data is permanently deleted from the system. Premium Edition includes a rolling twelve months of data storage with a permanent offline archive, and is an ideal option for customers looking for process traceability and other advanced requirements. Premium edition is priced as an annual subscription. For details, please contact your local Lincoln Electric sales representative or send an email with your contact information to

Live Welder Status

The welder sends continuous status updates to CheckPoint™ during and after each weld, providing unparalleled visibility of critical variables during the welding process.

Wire Remaining Analysis - Consumable Package

CheckPoint™ uses a proprietary calculation to determine when each welder will run out of consumable wire. This capability allows you to see all welders and know which will run out first, optimizing productivity and efficiency.

Production Dashboard

View user friendly dashboard widgets for each welder and the facility as a whole.

Dashboard widgets include charts, graphs, and graphical views organized by “today”, “past 7 days”, and “custom” with a user editable criteria selection.

  • Voltage/Current
  • WeldScore™
  • In/out Limit
  • Welder Detail
  • Uptime
  • True Energy

Data Aggregation

View a production summary of your entire facility with the ability to rollup data from all welders.

Traceability Reporting

Use the criteria function to lookup welds that correlate to operator ID, consumable ID, and part serial number. CheckPoint™ also provides the ability to view the original wire quality certificate for each weld that is completed.

Weld Detail

Based on timestamp of the weld, CheckPoint™ can display relevant information in a single screen for each weld. View the weld duration, min/avg/status of voltage and current, wire feed speed statistics, WeldScore™ and more.

Lincoln Q-Cert Linkage sigma

When the CheckPoint™ mobile app is used to scan a Lincoln Q1 or Q2 consumable lot number, the lot number is correlated to the welder data being sent to CheckPoint™

Weld Profiles

View key welder metrics such as WeldScore™, True Energy, Wire Feed Speed, Current/Voltage, and Wire Deposition organized by weld profile.

Limit Error Analysis

View any limit errors that have occurred for key welder metrics such as WeldScore™, True Energy, Wire Feed Speed, Current/Voltage, and Wire Deposition.

Welds By Weld Profile

Quickly compare welds across all profiles to isolate and resolve quality issues.

WeldScore™ weldscore

Once WeldScore™ is implemented on your Lincoln welder, CheckPoint™ will provide the visibility and notification to ensure the quality you need and the performance you expect.
In addition to viewing live WeldScore™ values, CheckPoint™ provides individual and aggregate level welder scores over time to analyze changing conditions.

Mobile Apps

Download native apps for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android to give mobile users access to their welder data anytime from anywhere: View dashboard widgets, history and alarm events, receive real-time text and email messages, download the latest documents, and scan barcodes as part of an easy-to-use traceability solution.

Traceability Scanning

Use the CheckPoint™ mobile app to scan barcodes for operator ID, consumable ID, and part serial number. All scans are correlated with the weld data being transmitted by the welder. Also includes Blue Tooth integration for industrial barcode scanners.

Fault Analysis and Notification

CheckPoint™ helps you stay connected to your welders and in control of your operation. With CheckPoint™ Alerts you are connected to your welders even while you are away.
Analyze faults for each welder and the facility as a whole. Users may subscribe to automatically generated text and email message alerts when certain faults occur. Also, users may build their own notifications based on any welder variable.

Data Storage and Cloud API

At rates never seen before, CheckPoint™ captures and organizes a vast amount of data on your welders. Utilizing proven, industry accepted protocols, CheckPoint™ then provides secure access to the data for consumption by other applications such as ERP systems, plant OEE systems, maintenance applications, and any other open 3rd party systems.

Utilizing industry standards, such as Open Data Protocol (OData), CheckPoint™ allows you to query the cloud. This commitment to core web principles and industry standards allows CheckPoint™ to enable a powerful level of data integration and interoperability across a broad range of applications increasing the overall value of the information.

Document Storage

With CheckPoint™ Document Library, the knowledge base of the Welding Experts (Lincoln Electric) is always at your fingertips. CheckPoint™ ensures customers find the document they need anywhere, at any time.

CheckPoint™ enhances productivity and minimizes downtime by making available, to authorized personnel, the latest documents and manuals specific to each welder through your desktop and mobile devices. In addition to text documents, RSS and Youtube content provide additional methods to facilitate distribution of instructional material.

The key to welder data is access: having access to your welder data anytime from anywhere is critical in making timely business decisions.

Cloud Architecture

CheckPoint™ utilizes cloud and software-as-a-service technology. No computer hardware is required and the welder information can be viewed anywhere, anytime, and with any web device.
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enables clients to get the full benefit of a software application without having to purchase and maintain computer hardware and software. With SaaS, the software application is not installed on a client computer or server like traditional licensed software. Instead the software is hosted remotely and accessible to a client over the Web. With SaaS up-front expenses are minimal because of the subscription-based pricing model, implementation is quick, and software upgrades are easily accomplished.

Secure Data Transmission

Proprietary data packets are transmitted by the welder to CheckPoint™ using a firewall-friendly outbound-only communication. Nothing is returning through the firewall to access the welder or plant network.

Secure Data Storage and Login

Each CheckPoint™ customer’s data is stored in a state-of-the-art data center in dedicated and partitioned databases, exclusive to each customer. Additionally, when viewing the CheckPoint™ application, high security, industry standard encryption is utilized.

The hosting center is a SAS 70 Type II compliant facility. SAS 70 is designated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as an acceptable method to obtain assurance of a service organization’s internal controls without conducting separate assessments. Successful completion of the SAS 70 type II examination indicates that the processes, procedures, and controls have been formally evaluated and tested by an independent auditing firm. A service auditor’s examination performed in accordance with SAS No. 70 (SAS 70 audit) is widely recognized. It represents that a service organization has been through an in depth audit of their control objectives and control activities, which often include controls over information technology and related processes. A Type II report not only includes the service organization’s description of controls, but also includes detailed testing of the design and operating effectiveness.

The hosting center environment is built on state-of-the-art equipment, technology investments, and operational expertise. There is an established disaster recovery program with redundancy and failover to protect the information stored in the system.

Administration and User Priviledges

View one or more facilities simultaneously depending on your user profile. Also, invite additional employees or other stakeholders to view your CheckPoint™ information with a simple email invitation process.

Browser Flexibility

CheckPoint™ supports all major web browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

Language Support

Checkpoint™ can be translated on demand and supports twelve languages including English, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, Russian, Polish, and Czech.